Inseparable part of the team of RAPID PROGRESS LTD. are the certified CAD/CAM professionals, who lead both individual and group trainings for work with the products, offered by the company to the Bulgarian and Macedonian markets.

RAPID PROGRESS offers the following training options for:

  • Work with ESPRIT CAD/CAM and SolidCAM – CAD/CAM training for individuals and groups.
  • Work with the 3D CAD products SOLIDWORKS, SpaceClaim and KOMPAS-3D – individual training with the purchase of a license(s) of 3D CAD solution.
  • Work with the 3D printers and scanners – individual training with the purchase of a 3D SYSTEMS product (3D Printer and/or 3D scanner).

For more information contact us:
+359 899 691 234.

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